Two free chapters from the RxSwift book!

Last week we announced our brand new RxSwift book (available now)! The book starts with the very basics in Chapter 1, “Hello, world!” and leads the reader through a plethora of topics all the way to Chapter 23, “MVVM” and Chapter 24, “Building a complete app with RxSwift”. Being so detailed about RxSwift knowledge already sets the book apart as a great learning source, but what is really special is that it’s written by four very active RxSwift community memebers and it’s polished by two more editors.

RxSwift book - available now!

After a long time working on this project, I and my friends and colleagues Florent Pillet, Junior Bontognali, Scott Gardner, Ash Furrow, Chris Belanger, and Ray and Vicki Wenderlich are happy to announce that our new book about development with RxSwift is available now! How it came to be? When I first tried out RxSwift (being excited about it by some of the same people who are my co-authors on the book) I immediately noticed that even though there is plenty of information on the Internet, there isn’t a single structured resource where people can learn systematically.