Testing your RxSwift code, part 2

In part 1 I looked into writing very basic tests with RxSwift and life was good. But then I wanted to do more and moved on to writing asynchronous tests… I contributed the code for RxRealm - the Rx extension for RealmSwift owned by the RxSwiftCommunity. For RxRealm I needed some asynchronous tests because Realm’s collections emit notifications (which RxRealm wraps) when the underlaying data changes. So let’s have a look at some of the unit tests I wrote…

Testing your RxSwift code, part 1

I sat down recently and learned the basics of writing unit tests for RxSwift. It was way easier than I expected and that’s why I’d like to show few of the tests I got to write. Before I start on the code itself I just want to mention how great contributing to open source is. If I didn’t jump in to helping around on the RxSwift-Ext project I’d probably haven’t looked into writing unit tests with RxSwift yet, but I did - and that’s great.